Introducing Revealer


Add a layer of security to your seeds and passphrases.


Revealer transcends your secrets into two physical pieces, your Revealer card and your encrypted seed paper. Put the two of them together an your secret will reveal optically.


Create redundancy while minimizing risk of compromise. Make high quality prints of your encrypted seeds, distribute copies to your family or friends. Store a copy on the cloud if you like. They can only be decrypted with your unique Revealer.

Safe and Simple

No compromise. It’s encryption is bullet proof and it’s usage fool proof. Revealer has the security of a one time pad, and to retrieve the secret no computer or special knowledge is required.


Electrum Bitcoin Wallet comes with the Revealer Plugin.

Electrum was the first wallet to introduce a seed phrase concept (2011) and is one of the most advanced, flexible and simple to use Bitcoin wallet available. We are proud partners of Electrum and a percentage of our products sale goes to Electrum Technologies.

If you are running version 3.2 or newer you can activate the Revealer Plugin at ‘Tools-> Plugins’. Otherwise, download it from the official website For more details see the ow to page


Order your Revealer from our Webshop. Pay using Bitcoin through the Lightning Network and to native Segwit addresses (bech32), or use the legacy system with direct bank transfers and credits cards.