Revealer is a backup tool to encrypt your secrets visually.

With the Revealer plugin for the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet you can encrypt your wallet seed, or any alphanumerical secret. Just type the code of a physical Revealer, or generate one from the software and print it out yourself.

Like other encryption methods, two factors allow the creation of redundancy while minimizing risk of compromise due to physical access. Differently to usual encryption methods, the secret can be decrypted optically – without a computer or any special knowledge. This makes it specially useful for cold storage and inheritance planning.



Electrum Bitcoin Wallet comes with the Revealer Plugin.

Electrum was the first wallet to introduce a seed phrase concept (2011) and is one of the most advanced, flexible and simple to use Bitcoin wallet available. We are proud partners of Electrum and a percentage of our products sale goes to Electrum Technologies.

If you are running version Electrum 3.2 or newer you can activate the Revealer Plugin at ‘Tools-> Plugins’. Download electrum only from the official website .



Create a backup directly from your Ledger hardware wallet

You can type a revealer code in the Ledger Nano S and it will export the seed encrypted for that code. In this case, it is strongly recommended that you use a Revealer that was *not* generated on the computer receiving the encrypted seed, for instance bought from the official shop, or generated on a different computer. Beta version of the app available at:



Encrypt your seeds visually and add a layer of security to your backups.