How to use

Encrypting a secret is a simple three step process. The sumary: activate the plugin in the Electrum wallet; create a new revealer or load a existing one; encrypt your wallet seeds or a custom secret.

Somewhat more detailed instructions below.

Revealer software comes as a plugin for Electrum Bitcoin Wallet since version 3.2. If you still don’t have Electrum, download it from the official website

Once running Electrum, go to the menu ‘Tools->Plugins’ and activate the Revealer plugin:

After restarting Electrum, you can see the revealer icon on the main window status bar:

Clicking on the icon you will get to the Revealer setup dialog, where you can type create a new revealer, or type the code of a existing one:


After ‘loading some noise’, we are ready to encrypt a secret. In the encryption dialog choose encrypt your wallet seeds or type a custom alphanumerical secret:


Once your secret is encrypted, it will show you the path to your files, and open the pdf:


Last but not least, test your backup by overlaying the two images. 

Any further questions check out our FAQ