Seeds and pass phrases are the last link of cryptographic asset storage, Revealer was created to bring peace of mind to those backups. Revealer GmbH is a company founded in 2018 by Tiago Romagnani Silveira and Thomas Voegtlin, with the mission of producing backup solutions.


Revealer originated as an artwork to celebrate cryptography as a property of nature and as a tool for individual sovereignty. Created in homage to Emanuel Goldberg, it aims to improve public understanding and awareness of cryptography. The artwork was presented at the Technical Collections of Dresden and at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. You can find video documentation of the installation below.

Goldberg, who described himself as a chemist by learning, physicist by calling, and a mechanic by birth, was one of the most versatile inventors of the last century. He contributed vastly to the development of analog image technology and had great impact on the rise of information technology. Before having his trajectory detoured by the Nazis in 1933, Goldberg had invented the first search machine – which he called a ‘statistical machine’. It performed optical pattern detection to search documents on rolls of microfilm. This technology was slightly modified in 1938 by Vannevar Bush for his “microfilm rapid selector” and was the basis for the fictional Memex in Bush’s influential essay “As we may think” of 1945.