Revealer is a free software tool to encrypt your secrets visually.

Our first release is a free software tool for visual encryption, available in the Electrum Wallet as a Plugin. With it you can visually encrypt any secret into a ‘Revealer’ image (encoded noise), and another image that looks the same but contains the encrypted secret.

Like any encrypted backup, a two factor backup of your seeds allows to create a redundancy while minimizing risk of compromise. Differently to usual methods, if you are using visual encryption it is possible to decrypt without a computer or any special knowledge.

Seeds and pass phrases backups are the last link of cryptographic asset storage. Revealer was created to bring peace of mind to these backups.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet comes with the Revealer Plugin.

If you are running version Electrum 3.2 or newer you can activate the Revealer Plugin at ‘Tools-> Plugins’. If you don’t have electrum yet, download it from the official website
For more information see How to use

Electrum was the first wallet to introduce a seed phrase concept (2011) and is one of the most advanced, flexible and simple to use Bitcoin wallet available. We are proud partners of Electrum and a percentage of our products sale goes to Electrum Technologies.

The plugin allows you to generate both shares and print them out yourself, or to type in the code of a physical revealer and encrypt your seeds or an arbitrary secret for it.

Revealer was created to improve public awareness and understanding of cryptography. It is the consequence of an artwork celebrating encryption as a property of nature and as tool for individual sovereignty. (more about).


You can use it digitally, print out your own, or order a physical Revealer from our shop and pay with Bitcoin to native Segwit addresses (bech32) or through the Lightning Network. Due to popular demand we also accept payments through the legacy system with Paypal, direct bank transfers and credits cards.